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Silicone mold <Hydrangea>


Gross weight:21.5g
Raw material:Silicone rubber
Mold size:W80×H60×D10mm
Package size:W120×H155×D11mm
Heat proof temperature:200℃
Cold resistance:-50℃

1,200 JPY

・Mold for 3 different sizes of hydrangea, petals, and lea.
・Use as a resin mold and as clay one.
・Beautiful resin surface without coating

How to Use

as a clay mold

  • Grease the mold with mold oil(#404125). It is okay with any modeling clay. Modena resin clay is used in the instruction.

  • Take a proper amount of clay and put in the mold.

  • Press from the back and remove it from the mold.

  • Make 4 petals and glue them as a flower.

as a resin mold

  • Make preferred colored resin. Salmon pink color is for this instruction.

  • Pour the resin into the mold until it reaches the very limited to the top.

  • Cure it under UV-LED light.

  • Cool down the mold and push the piece out.
    The chemical reaction can generate heat, take care not to burn yourself.


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