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"Sun Drop" UV-LED Resin 30g

New Sun Drop, improved UV-LED curing resin with excellent cost performance & new design

UV Resin

Release in late May 2021

Sell per piece or a box(40 pcs)
Ingredients:Acrylic UV curable resin
Bottle size:Φ28mm×H116mm
Package size:W80×D30×H190mm

980 JPY

【About this item】
● One component resin curing with both LED light(405nm) and UV light(36W).
● Less yellowing* issue than previous UV resin.
● Good curing result with silicone mold.
● Cure starts in a second, and completely done in 30 - 120 seconds.
● Expose the light from both front &amo; back sides for sure to cure inside of the resin.
● Minimize the warp of the resin in curing.
● Due to low heat shrinkage 4%, work well with open back bezels.
● Cure well under the sunlight.
● The surface of a cured item does not cause stickness feeling.
*There may be a case of discoloration caused by aged deterioration.

【Durability List】
UV-LED light, UV light, Sunlight
Fluorescent light, Near window (under shade)
No Reaction
Home LED appliance

【Curing Time】
Expose the light from both top & bottom sides.
UV-LED light (6W-9W) 30-120 seconds
UV light (36W) 2-4 minutes
Bright sunlight 30-120 seconds
Cloudy sunlight 3-10 minutes
*Curing period differs with size and seasonal changes.
*Take longer cure time when the colorant resin is used.

  • Cure with LED light

  • Improved to keep its clear long

  • Excellent work to fit a cured resin in a frame and an open back bezel due to the low shrinkage.
    *The resin is not a glue. It may come off the frame on impact.

  • Good curing result

Take care to avoid getting burned when curing.
Avoid direct contact with skin.
Should contact with skin occur, remove resin with a tissue and wash with soap and water.
If product gets into eyes, rinse with clear water for 15 mins and seek medical attention.

Causes skin irritation.
Cause serious eye irritation.
Use in a well-ventilated room.
Store in a cool, dry area.
Storage temperature 0-25°C
Do not use near fire or open flame.


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