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Pon Pon Stand



Packaging size:W90×H150×D21mm

Stand size:φ2×H261mm
Contents:Small stand with 5mm in diameter×2 pieces

     Large stand with 10mm in diameter×2 pieces

     Round double sided stickers

     (4 pcs for small stand, 3 pcs for large one) 

     User manual


380 JPY

Apply an adhesive tape on top and hold an object while tapping.

It fits on your finger for easy to use.
Dry the object on stand.

【adhesive material】

○ resin work, wood, metal, polymer clay, plastic
△ stone clay, super lightweight clay, 

☓ silicone, paper

  • Double sided sticker holds a piece to paint side and bottom.

How to Use

  • Stick a double sided sticker on top of the stand.

  • Place a piece on top, and the sticker holds it.

  • Start coloring the piece.

  • After work, cover the adhesive part with release paper for next.


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