Jewel Labyrinth

Pon Pon Attachment of Jewel Color



Packaging size:W90×H150×D18mm

Size:φ18×H30mm(Attachment + cap)

Contents:Attachment φ18×H17mm

     Cap φ18×H16mm 

     Small puff φ9×12mm  
     Large puff φ13×12mm

480 JPY

Jewel Color "Pearl Series" can mix with resin and use as paint color, tapping with the attachment.
Enjoy beautiful pearl color in your art work.

【adhesive material】

○ resin work, wood, metal, acrylic resin, ABS, glass, stone clay, super lightweight clay, polymer clay

☓ silicone, PP, PE

・Set on top of Jewel Color bottle and start tapping.

・Small and large size puff are in a set.

・Each puff comes with a cap. It keeps puff wet
・Pearl color makes a piece look gorgeous.

・After drying, the surface is water resistant, but not heat resistant.
・Direct tapping is available for jewel colors, but it may have unevenly colored with regular and neon series.
Pearl colors are sticky enough to stay color on surface.

Depends on base color, the finish be changed. 

Following shows color differences:mixed with resin, Paint on white, and paint on black, from left to right. Painted colors are white pearl and gold one.

  • Double sided sticker holds a piece to paint side and bottom.

  • Set Pon Pon Attachment to the top of jewel color bottle and start tapping.

How to Use

  • Choose puff size small or large, take a release paper on back.

  • Wipe dirt off the nozzle and set an attachment.

  • Set the puff on top.

  • Take color in pallet or clear folder and immerse the color into puff.

  • Place a piece on stand.

  • Color by tapping soft. Do not put a lot. Little and thin over coating.

  • Dry it for 30 – 60 minutes after coloring.

  • Repeat step 6 and 7 until preferred color appears.

  • Wipe color off puff with tissue and cap and keep it.


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