Jewel Labyrinth

Shading Case

Jewel Color Shading Case, dedicated case to set the mixing palette in. Store the resin, blocking lights completely.


Release in late May 2021

Sell per piece (3 cases)
Case size:W80 x D25 x H110 mm
Package size:W140 x D50 x H200 mm
Weight:29g / 6.5g per case & lid set
*Applying for "Utility Model Registration Mark"

480 JPY


【About this item】
●Dedicated shading case for completely blocking lights.
●The case with a lid can be stack on top of other cases.
●Come with 3 stickers on which the color formulation can be note

  • Place for storing resin
    Set the mixing palette in and cover with the lid.

  • Place for mixing palette
    Block the light in when pausing the work.

  • Use stickers attached on top
    Note the color formulation.


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