La Doll Premix 120g

Stone Clay

Package size:W150×H85×D15mm
Qty per box:90 pieces

220 JPY

120g air-dry stone clay is designed to be used up in one go.
Premix is a combination Premier and La Doll clays with pliability & lightweight clay due to the best consistency.
It is easily carved and polished smooth. With the strength, it can be made a hollow clay object.
All paints and varnish are also accepted.
It is perfect for ball jointed dolls, figure dolls, miniature house, and diorama.

Major Features of Stone clay

before drying

  • Cut with ease
    Use a clay cutter.

  • Add more clay on
    Add clay on clay, form it well.

  • Smooth with water
    Repair cracks with wet finger.

after drying

  • Sanding
    Sand with sand paper.

  • Painting color
    Paint with colors. Premier clay, best for color.

Brooch Making Techniques

before drying

  • Draw with toothpick
    Draw guidelines with a toothpick.

  • Press design on clay
    Build textures with a tool.

  • Make a hole
    Use a straw.

after drying

  • Carve details
    Scratch with a sharp point tool for texture.


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