New Product Information

2020年6月12日 16:37

New Product Information.


New Flower Silicone Molds.
We are pleased to inform you that new flower patterned silicone molds
will be launched on July 3rd. The long-waited 3D flower mold is perfect
for resin craft with purre transparency. It also can be used for clay art.
"Hydrangea" has 3 sizes of the blooms and leaves. "Flower cabochon"
has 3D and semi 3D flowers, leaves, and cute bird patterns.



New Clear Color Sets from Jewel Color Series
We are pleased ot inform you that the clearest intermediate colors in PADICO
Jewel Color Series will be on sale as color pigment sets.
5 new bluish colors are in a set, and also 5 new reddish ones are in another set.
These sets will be launched on July 3rd. 3ml of pigment color is filled in each bottle.


UV-LED Resin "Star Drop" Hard Starter Set with UV-LED Light
UV-LED Resin Hard 25g with UV-LED handy light will be released as sets in middle of July.
Available in two selections.
Those special sets are designed for beginners to learn how to make resin jewelry
following step by step pictorial instructions. (Words are in Japanese.)
Best gifts of resin craft packaging in designed PADICO zipper bags.



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