New Product Information

2019年12月17日 17:06


4 miniature food sized acrylic items are launched in this winter.

Drink cup comes with a cover and is best item for making pearl milk tea as a miniature resin accessory.
Beer mug is for beer, cocktail, soda with lemon, and so on.
Pafait glass is for sweets.
Dried flowers be arranged in theflower vase.

● Made in Japan products with excellent transparency
● Best size for miniature accessories.
● Illustrations on the packaging mount can be used as sealed items.
● Download more embed objects' images.

Products pages

・Miniature Acrylic Item[Drink Cup]

Miniature Acrylic Item[Beer Mug]

Miniature Acrylic Item[Pafait Glass]

Miniature Acrylic Item[Flower Vase]


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