New Book Released!

2019年7月12日 10:44

New book Touch & Enjoy Fake Sweets

Many rstaurants in Japan use replicas to display their popular dishes intheir windows and attract customers. This culture has been continuedfor a long period. Japanese sample foods look so realistic and become art. This, together with women's sence of fun, led to set a new craft category, "sweets & deco" in 2007. Since then, fake sweets are popular in the world, looking for high techniques to make various kinds of sweets. This book "Touch & Enjoy Fake Sweets" gives you how to make squeeze toys, slime for sweets, candy bags, and so on. Polyurethane forming, sponge, resin, and handmade slime are materials to be used.


「 Fuwa-fuwa, Shake-shake, Touch & Enjoy Fake Sweets」

Writer: Erika Kisen
Price : 1,600 JPY without tax
Release : July 16th, 2019

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