Zwajomi, the Dutch distributor in Creative World

2019年1月31日 10:08

Creative World, the world's biggest trade fair for DIY sector, was held from 26th to 29th January in Frankfurt, Germany.
More than 9,200 visitors from all over the world to Frankfurt to be inspired by the innovations on show by a total 335 international exhibitors.

Zwajomi, PADICO distributor in the Netherlands, attended at the fair and performed clay craft demonstrations by their great artists: Wendy, Arina, and Andrea.


Wendy created the dragon using 50% of black hearty clay with 50% of Modena.
The eyes of dragon are made of UV-LED resin and a hemisphere mold.



This is a Tree Man from Wood Formo clay made by Wendy.


Flowers are made from a mixture of 75% Modena and 25% Hearty Clay by Arina.


Andrea made this pretty deer with premier stone clay.
Thank you for wonderful art pieces displayed at the Creative World Fair.


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